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Albert An L.AC

838 West Dana Street, Mountain View

Business Phone: (510) 894-5345

Business URL: https://albert-an-lac.business.site/?m=true

One 45-Minute Acupuncture Sessions with Consultation and Infrared Therapy

Deal Details & Terms and Conditions:
    • Potential benefits of acupuncture include pain relief (especially neck and back pain), migraine and headache reduction, and lower anxiety.
    • Acupuncture FAQ
    • How it works: Infrared heat permeates to the body’s core faster than the warm air of a regular sauna, elevating the heart rate to help boost the metabolism.
    • During a cupping session, the therapist applies heated cups directly to the patient’s skin to create a vacuum. The heated vapors and light suction are intended to relieve stress, open energy channels, and detoxify the body.
    • Moxa treatment is performed by burning small cones of dried leaves on certain body areas (generally the same point as those in acupuncture) to alleviate pain and improve body circulation.
    • Massage therapist’s name and license #: Peide An, AC18625
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Started On: Sep 13, 2022

Valid Till: Jun 30, 2023

Zone: Santa Clara County San Mateo/SF Counties

About: California Board Licensed Acupuncturist. Author of BACK to Pain-Free Health, Secrets of Natural Healing for Back Pain. Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Yo San University. Certified Acupuncture Orthopedic Specialist from the Academy of Orthopedic Acupuncture. I am a firm believer in integrative healthcare and have worked in women’s health, internal medicine. orthopedics, and pediatrics with other medical specialists. Fluent in Spanish. Dedicated to personal development and practice meditation and tai chi regularly.