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2811, 3681 Union Ave, San Jose

Business Phone: 408 673-7213

Business URL: https://www.facebook.com/MooreMovementArts/

10 Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Deal Details & Terms and Conditions:
    • Professional trainer leads a program that ensures maximal results for all, and has a modifiable design suiting beginners and experts alike
    • Authentic MMA inspired 30-minute sessions. Fitness course using no-weights except for the body. Based on dynamic and functional movement rather than resistance. Designed to get into optimal shape and learn correct martial arts techniques.
    • Nathan Morre, the owner of Moore Movement Arts, is a trainer as well as a true inspiration to other fitness and martial arts trainers. He helped many people in achieving their goals and some of them opened their own businesses after meeting with Nathan and learning his techniques. Moore Movement Arts is an excellent place for beginners as the trainer is very focused on his clients' self-improvement and teaches them about empowering and finding an inner balance. Nathan uses mixed martial arts techniques and bodily movements to create a training system for people of all shapes and sixes. He incorporates motivational speaking into his classes and he believes that if the body is active then the mind will follow, and show efficiency and perseverance.
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Started On: Sep 16, 2022

Valid Till: Jul 31, 2023

Zone: Santa Clara County

About: Wax on, wax off. We've all seem the part where Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel son how to defend himself by having him clean a bunch of stuff. It sounds like some Hollywood bullshit, right? No. It's science, bro. I don't know if anyone learned to fight, just by cleaning. However, when you clean something, you're performing the same fundamental movement pattern.